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Cashmere Fleece
Cashmere Fleece

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The Fleece Jacket

Looped Scottish cashmere yarns make this luxurious pullover beyond warm and comfy. What sets our fleeces above the others? Pure Scottish Cashmere and hand-finished stitching.

Like all of our sweaters, the fleece won't lose it's shape or lose it's softness after repeated wears. Simply put, our pullovers are the coziest cashmere jackets you can find.

A Classic in Casual Style

Pull your fleece on in the morning with a pair of jeans for an easy, all-day outfit -- and the cashmere is so lush you won't want to take it off.

With our great collection of fun pastel colors, these jackets are a perfect option for an early spring day or a breezy summer morning.

The Details


The color of the sweater pictured is Chiffon Pink.

To the left you can check out our available sweater colors. Please note, all colors may not be available in each size.

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Price: $525.00

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Size Information

The best way to get the perfect fit for your Isle of Skye Cashmere Sweater: Lay a favorite fitting sweater on a table and measure across approximately 1 in. below the armpit. That number doubled will correspond to your correct Scottish Cashmere Sweater size. The chart below should also be helpful in choosing your correct size:

Scottish Sweater Size US Sweater Size US Dress Size
34 XS 4
36 S 6
38 M 8
40 L 10
42 L-XL 12
44 XL 14