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How to Store Your Cashmere Sweater

When summer arrives, in the rush of to break out dresses and sandals, it is so easy to forget about the beautiful sweaters that kept us warm and cozy through the winter.

I know how it goes… because I have neglected proper sweater storage a few more times than I care to admit. I learned my lesson though, and hopefully this post will help you from suffering the same fate that I did.

Trust me there is nothing worse than, on the first cold day of autumn, going to dig out your favorite cashmere sweater and finding it smelly, wrinkly, or worst of all, ruined.

The lesson that I learned: It is just as important to care for your sweaters while wearing them as it is to care for your cashmere sweaters when you are not wearing them.

Sounds like a lot of work right? It’s not.

Just follow this easy plan that I lay out for you how to “summer-ize” your sweaters, so when winter rolls around you will have a beautiful, clean, super soft cashmere sweater waiting for you to snuggle into.

  1. Thoroughly clean your Sweater – Follow the instructions linked above

  2. Two reasons this important:

    First, you want to have a clean and fresh smelling sweater to wear when you need to wear your stored winter clothes.

    Second, a clean sweater will also repel clothes moths. The 1/4 inch long clothes moths are hard-to-see and love dark corners of closets and drawers. They can hunt down and then feed on any stains that might be inadvertently left on a sweater – from invisible sweat stains to trace amounts of spilled liquids or food.

  3. Dry Your Sweater Completely

  4. Once the sweater is nice and clean, it is time to dry it. We like to put our sweaters in a lingerie bag and run your dryer on a delicate cycle for 3-5 minutes. After a few minutes, remove the sweater from the dryer and the lingerie bag. Drape the sweater over a drying rack, or, hang the sweater over a towel rack with a thick towel between the sweater and the bar. Feel to make sure the sweater is bone-dry, depending on the thickness of the sweater this can take up to 8 hours.

  5. A Perfectly Folded Sweater Never Wrinkles

  6. This technique I developed to help keep our sweaters looking crisp.
    Folding Step 1
    Place a clipboard, or a notepad, in the middle of your sweater. Spread your sweater face down on a flat surface.
    Folding Step 2

    Fold its shoulders in towards the torso, and then the sleeves at a 45 degree angle so that the cuffs are parallel with the sweater’s skirt.
    Folding Step 3

    Fold the skirt so that it is even with the neck line of the sweater, slide the clipboard out, and flip the sweater.

  1. Store your Sweater securely in a garment bag
  2. IOSC Storage Bag
    We offer vinyl zipper storage bags here. You can also usually find a suitable storage bag from your local dry cleaner; double check to make sure there are no holes in it. Slide the sweater into the bag and fold over the opening.

  1. Store the garment bag in a covered bin

  2. Just to be safe we like to store our sweaters in a plastic covered bin and place a Lavender scented dryer bag inside so that the sweater smells nice when we take it out.
Now, After all those Dos, a few Don'ts
  1. DON'T hang your sweater

  2. The sweater will lose its shape, so that when it comes time to wear your sweater it will look droopy and sad…not a good look.

  3. DON'T use mothballs

  4. Cashmere is a luxurious natural fiber and deserves to be treated as such. Mothballs are a pesticide and its fumes are toxic – don’t expose yourself, or your sweater, to such a harsh product.
That wasn't too bad was it? So taking these steps to properly store your cashmere sweaters will guarantee that you will get years of wear from your sweaters and they will look their best.